• "You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean."
    ~ Alan Watts


Most of us view our bodily movements as what is performed in the gym and not what is needed outside of it – as in the movement demands of your real, everyday life!


If you think about the body as a really complex chain link system, then these chains, when working well, help us move better and more efficiently.


However, when there is a weak link in the chain, most people don’t consider addressing the links themselves, but rather just the muscles and what is thought to be very general movement patterns.


SLINGS, on the other hand, are a holistic movement concept that I’ve adopted in my structural integration practice as well as in my own life. This is a reimagining of the functional movement concept and can be incorporated into all mind-body based practices.


The elaborate fascia-focused training aims for structural integration of the body as well as functionality through more conscious movement.


It is through this holistic approach to the body’s movement that I’m able to combine my extensive knowledge of human anatomy, yoga, and experience as a massage therapist & structural integration practitioner.


My various types of Holistic & Functional Movement classes are based upon a combined 20 years of ongoing yoga teacher trainings, as well as extensive training and certifications in remedial massage, structural integration and self-myofascial release – including the Roll Method and Slings Myofascial training.


Personalised Self-care Sessions & Holistic-Functional Movement Workshops

Learning self-massage means you can look after yourself between bodywork sessions.  


While it doesn’t replace bodywork sessions, it will help you maintain your body and prevent pain.


The classes combine concepts of Anatomy Trains, therapy ball massage techniques from “The Roll Model” (Yoga Tune Up) and the many trainings I’ve taken in functional movement and bodywork.


We release and stretch the fascia (the body’s complex web of connective tissues) that is has developed adhesions due to damage, poor posture, scar tissue, emotional holding, and so many other reasons. This can help improve flexibility and let go of tension – and so many more benefits.


I always say… It doesn’t have to hurt to work!


Small-Group Classes – Self-myofascial Release


Do you often suffer from sore and tight muscles after your workouts?


Fascia can become restricted due to overuse from exercise and stress, resulting in muscle pain, tension, and diminished blood flow – so, you may want to consider adding myofascial release to your regular fitness routine.


In our SRR workshops, we use techniques that can help alleviate this pain and increase blood flow by massaging the tissue.


✓ Using advanced tools & equipment, such as foam rollers, balls, and blocks to release unwanted tension and unwind the body. This is combined with yoga poses as it helps to improve mobility and flexibility.

✓ After a session, you will feel more energetic, more flexible in the body and free from physical tension.

✓ Whether you’re a runner, triathlete, cyclist or into cross-training, this is an excellent class for athletes of all types or anyone looking for deep muscle release.


Have you always wanted to explore private self-care sessions or a dedicated small group class?

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